Intro to Gamification

More Than Points and Badges

Created by Evan Oxfeld / @evanoxfeld

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  1. Green Hill Zone: Define gamification
  2. Chemical Plant Zone: Explore why you'd gamify
  3. Labyrinth Zone: Introduce game design
  4. Boss Battle (AKA Final Zone)
Boss fight

1-1 Define gamification

The use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts. (Source: Kevin Werbach)

## 1-2 Cross-disciplinary * Psychology * Design * Business strategy * Technology

2-1 Why Gamify?

  • Games are among the most powerful motivational tools
  • Make the non-game experience more rewarding
  • But motivation has its limits
    • Example: leaderboards

2-2 From Dodgeball to Foursquare

foursquare activity

2-3 A Lot of Companies Gamify

Company Logos
## 2-4 Internal Gamification ![GameOn](images/gameon_leaderboard.png)
## 2-4 Internal Gamification ![GameOn](images/gameon_livefeed.png)

2-5 More Than Points, Badges, and Leaderboards

3-1 Think Like a Game Designer

Sid Meier
A [good] game is a series of interesting choices.
  • Gamers try to win
  • Designers get players to play and keep them playing

3-2 Player journey

  • Onboarding: get into the game easily
  • Scaffolding: guide the player to learn the game
  • Path to mastery

3-3 Game Design and Fun

  • Types of fun: easy, hard, people, serious
  • Fun has to be designed
## Boss: Pyramid of Gamification Elements ![Pyramid of Gamification Elements](images/The-Pyramid-Of-Gamification-Elements-Kevin-Werbach.png)

Boss: Game Components

Game components

Bonus Stage

Could you achieve your project's objective by turning your users into players?

## References [Gamification Coursera Course]( by Kevin Werbach [For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business]( by Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter